"We Are The Mirror As Well As The Face In It" --Rumi

“We are the mirror as well as the face in it…”
– Rumi
Acrylic and pastel on canvas










Abstract watercolor and acrylic are my main forms of expression & I paint intuitively. As a cancer survivor, I feel like my work is a cellular and gestural statement of reconciliation with my thoughts and feelings about the fragility of life.

I am particularly drawn to the spiritual influences inside me and around me. I try to let my inner voice speak in a visible way through my art. The emotional and psychological effects of color and shape are important aspects of my work. Movement and pattern also play an important part in the composition of my paintings.

I continually pursue new techniques and mediums to push my limitations and to express       the depth of my feelings and thoughts.

I like to think of my work as “soul-speak”.