Shelly Porter, Conservatory Promenade, Abstract Watercolor, 2012, 11 x 11 in

Series Two

These acrylic and watercolor works are intuitive expressions of thoughts, feelings and dreams that are made visible. I am interested in the effects of color, shape and pattern in art, and their emotional and psychological effects on the observer.

Series Three

SUBLIMINAL RENDERINGS - Watercolor paintings that evolved into \"plant-esque\" forms. I rarely paint defined subjects anymore but instead like to connect with my inner being, my spiritual soul, and allow it\'s own definitions to translate onto paper.

Series Four

LIVES OF CIRCLES - Color, form and pattern have always been dominant aspects of my work and uses of these aspects by the artists Vasily Kandinsky and Gustav Klimt have specifically inspired me. Vasily Kandinsky’s theories regarding color and form appeal to me on a deeply personal level. Kandinsky believed that “color calls forth a vibration from the soul”, and that “form has its own inner sound.” He also stated that, “color possesses spiritual qualities and physical effects”. In my mind, the colors that I use are voices that express an intangible part of me. Form and pattern are complimentary vessels in making that unspoken place a visual reality. My paintings are tokens or amulets created in hopes of making my thoughts, experiences and intuitions a reality.