Shelly Porter - Your Tears Are Healers

Shelly Porter,
acrylic on canvas,
30 x 30 ins, 2014,
Private Collection











MUSINGS – This series of acrylic abstract canvas paintings are intuitive expressions of thoughts, feelings and dreams that are made visible. I am interested in the effects of color, shape and pattern in art, and their emotional and psychological effects on the observer. In my mind, the colors that I use are voices that express an intangible part of me.  Form and pattern are complimentary vessels in making that unspoken place a visual reality.  I view my paintings as talismans or tokens. I create art in hopes of making my thoughts, experiences and intuitions a reality. I like to think of my work as “soul speak”. While my work is not strictly limited to abstraction, I find it particularly interesting to explore color and shape in a non-objective format. Although I typically work in watercolor, in this particular series I chose to focus on canvas painting.